Cosmology On Trial: Cracking The Cosmic Code by Pierre St. Clair

By Pierre St. Clair

What should you knew the anomalies that cosmologists do not speak about in public?

Cosmology on Trial – a notable research of unexplained mysteries of the universe.
New discoveries problem common Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, String concept, Gravitation, and the massive Bang.

Scientific journals cite significant disagreements with present types of the universe

1. The May/2014 factor of Scientific American cites a significant calamity in theoretical physics.
Theorists operating in particle physics overtly admit they're in a nation of confusion.
"The detrimental effects are starting to produce if no longer a full-blown obstacle in particle physics, then a minimum of a frequent panic.”

Leading physicists, technology periodicals, and papers recommend basic ideas of physics must be updated.
“We intend to make a fresh holiday and embark on a look for a brand new type of conception that may be utilized to the complete universe – a concept that avoids the confusions and paradoxes, solutions the unanswerable questions, and generates real actual predictions for cosmological observations.”
Dr. Lee Smolin – Bestselling writer of Time Reborn: From the situation in Physics to the way forward for the Universe

2. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society released the invention of a hoop of 9 cataclysmic gamma ray bursts (GRBs) 5 billion mild years across.
At a press convention August four, 2015, Professor Lajos Balasz introduced, “This constitution contradicts the present types of the universe.”
Investigating groups of physicists are operating in tandem to figure out if identified procedures of galaxy formation created the hoop structure.
If now not, scientists will want a new paradigm to provide an explanation for the evolution of the universe.

3. Science Daily experiences staff of astronomers have stumbled on the most important constitution within the Universe: a wide quasar workforce (LQG) 4 billion mild years from finish to finish. Our current idea says it shouldn’t exist.
Astronomer Roger Clowes of the college of crucial Lancashire: “We can say particularly certainly it's the biggest constitution ever noticeable within the whole universe. this can be highly fascinating, now not least since it runs counter to our present knowing of the dimensions of the universe.”

4. we discover extra difficulties within the average version of physics.
Gravity, darkish subject, darkish strength, and realization include over ninety six% of the recognized universe but are thoroughly ignored within the common Model.
NASA physicists simply admit ninety six% of the problem and effort within the universe is unknown.
Modern technological know-how merely is aware four% of the universe?

5. Cosmology on Trial unearths why Newtonian Physics, normal Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and String idea have did not clarify what Gravity is and the place it's located.

Anomalies and inconsistencies proliferate unchecked

Bestselling writer, Pierre St. Clair, finds what different authors ignore.
• 3 vital projects in many instances ignored
• 5 cosmological theories with out observational aid or info as evidence
• all issues are expertly clarified with out complicated jargon

St. Clair's demeanour is, "Just the evidence, please. express me the evidence."
He examines disparities released by way of mainstream technology reports:
“Fraud within the clinical Literature,” “Ripples from the massive Bang,” "The Higgs Boson," and more.

Modern know-how is overturning what we concept we knew.

"Theoretical physics is at a crossroads correct now…In a feeling we’ve entered a truly deep crisis.”
Dr. Neil Turok – Director of the fringe Institute for Theoretical Physics

“As a scientist and as an educator, i love the concept that we think issues simply because there’s evidence.”
Dr. Richard Dawkins – Oxford college Professor

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